Ensuring the safe and reliable operation of your power distribution network

High voltage assets and large power demands require the highest quality installations of transformers, switchgear and cabling.

Due to the potential risks these networks can contain, specialist High Voltage installation and maintenance engineers are just as important as the equipment itself.

At Oakes Power Services, we are electrical installation and maintenance specialists with over a decade of experience. We can provide fixed term or individual maintenance services to ensure your equipments performs throughout its lifecycle. Whatever your power distribution requirements for HV & LV installations, we will provide a site-specific solution tailored to your needs.

Operation and Maintenance Agreements

We facilitate new HV & LV installations as well as maintenance for a wide variety customers across the UK.

Our delivery teams specialise in providing a wide range of electrical installation and  maintenance services, including:

Safe, cost effective and reliable installations

Whenever you need your HV substations maintained or additional electrical wiring and testing carried out, Oakes Power Services provides the perfect solution.

HV maintenance is extremely important to keep your substations working correctly and safely.

Working with safety and quality in mind at all times, our experienced engineers and electrification specialists provide safe, reliable and cost effective maintenance of switchgear, cabling and high voltage transformers.

Ensuring your power network runs efficiently

The high quality installation of reliable power networks isn’t enough; it also needs to be properly maintained and tested to ensure the efficient running of the systems at all times.

At Oakes Power Services, we offer ongoing maintenance options to ensure that any high voltage transformers and switchgear remain working to their full potential at all times.

Contact us by calling 01634 940796 to discuss your electrical engineering requirements with one of our experienced and helpful HV maintenance team.

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